vendredi, mars 30


Juste un petit mot pour dire que je suis maintenant a Singapour. J'aime beaucoup la ville. Tout est bien organise, surtout le transport en commun. Il y a tellement de magasinage a faire ici c'est fou. Je vais probablement revenir avec quelques petits achats... a suivre!

Charles Paré

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Karolina & Donna a dit...

Hey Charles!
Almost the end of the trip now! Borneo looks beautiful! Especially the monkeys. Do you like Singapore, it is a big city don't you think? But so clean! I dived here in Byron Bay, Australia, and it was absolutely amazing! When you ever decided to go to Australia, try the scuba diving! I've seen turtles and a grey nurse shark, 3 metres tall! Pretty exciting! Unbelieveble that the bastards took their bracelets off! Don't they know that your wish will never come true than ;)! Good that you and Henri are stil wearing it! Have a safe trip home! bye, Karolina and Donna